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Android-tablet market intercepted the iPad -

In anticipation of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, analysts of the company ABI Research published a study of the tablet market . According to experts , the middle of the year was the turning point of the point , after which the Android ecosystem seize the initiative at the iPad.

ipad mini scaled 1 Android tablet market intercepted the iPad

First, talk to ABI Research, for the II quarter sales of Android tablets to quantify for the first time exceeded the sales of iPad. Secondly , the income from sales of hardware in two camps even. Third, and analysts believe that the most important feature , the average selling price of iPad is fast approaching the average for the industry .

Turning to the figures , the tablet market is the following picture. In II quarter there was a consistent drop by 17%. In this year tablet sales increased 23 %. For tablets with screens smaller diagonal demand was the most. Thus, among the whole mass of iPad mini iPad tablets were sold in the ratio of 60 /40 and yielded 49% of Apple revenue. Total tablet market is estimated at $ 12.7 billion, which Apple had to share half of the proceeds .

As for the average selling price , the Apple device to the present times fell by 17 %, while Android tablets grew by 17%. If the Cupertino-based company wants to regain the initiative , it is necessary to pay more attention to innovations and to keep abreast of the global market , said ABI Research.

Announcement of next-generation iPad , we recall, is expected on October 15. The new full-size iPad will be noticeably smaller iPad 4 . The gadget has a narrow frame around the sides of the screen , which adds to the similarities with the mini- tablet Apple. Dimensions of the “five” make it possible to hold the device in your hand, like a smartphone . According to rumors , iPad 5 must be 15 % thinner and 25% lighter than its predecessor. The design of the second generation of iPad mini as a whole will meet the original model. The device should get the display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels ( 324 ppi).

It is expected that the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 A7X will acquire a powerful processor and a fingerprint scanner . Perhaps , Apple will launch the new colors for the tablet , and not only the “classic” black and white versions .