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A cheaper Macbook Air is coming Up?

Apple to release a cheaper Macbook Air for $799? As a counterattack in the battle of the books would be ultra-expensive Apple MacBook Air on the role are. The new Air was in the third quarter of 2012 available for about $ 799. Reports that the rumors site DigiTimes . The site relies on sources around Apple Supplier.

The new MacBook Air to compete with the so-called ultra-books, the PC version of the MacBook Air. Laptop maker Acer has already weakened circulation thin laptops. Intel however trying with might and laptop makers to move to produce ultra-books and about $ 699 in prizes. For this, the company is an investment pot of $ 300 million available.

But what are Apple’s competitors? ABC News compared three ultra-books: the Dell XPS 13 , the HP Envy 14 Specte Book Ultra and the Samsung Series 9 notebook . The Dell laptop costs $ 999, is 1.83 cm thick and is just over four hours. HP offers a laptop with a thickness of 2 cm, battery life of five hours and fifteen minutes and costs $ 1399. Samsung takes the cake with a price of $ 1500, but then you have a laptop that only 1.5 cm thick and five and a half hours of battery life. When it comes to laptops these prices are actually the same price as the current MacBook Air 13 inch.

macbook air 620 620x350 Apple to release a cheaper Macbook Air for $799?

So far it’s been very quiet around the Mac hardware from Apple. Consumers expect very soon actually a completely new line, including new look. And the sooner it comes, the better it is for Apple. Whether that means that Apple is producing cheaper MacBook’s wait and see