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Quickertek introduced wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11ac for Mac

December 18, 2013 |

Quickertek adapter ACNano is introduced with Dual Band USB- adapter 802.11ac, by which Mac users can easily upgrade your computer to work at speeds of 802.11ac. This product allows you to use Wi-Fi 802.11ac models iMac, Mac mini , or … Read More

Apple is testing a 12.9-inch screen prototype with a resolution of 2K and 4K

December 4, 2013 |

Apple is testing two prototype 12.9 -inch touch screen whose resolution is 2K and 4K . It is reported by Phone Arena on Tuesday , citing its own sources in the company . According to the resource , Apple chose … Read More

MacBook Air and iMac: More models will also receive retinal displays

May 17, 2012 |

After it was confirmed yesterday by a variety of sources that the next generation of MacBook Pro will have a retina display resolution, the rumor has now been extended to other models of the Mac family. According to latest findings, so shall also the MacBook Air and the iMac will be equipped with a retina display. The information comes from various sources and are absolutely trustworthy. Read More

The new iPad vs. iPad 2 : Camera Test and Speed Comparison

March 20, 2012 |

The new iPad’s 5 MP Camera iPad matches with the iPhone 4S’s 8 MP camera. new iPad wins the race with its better camera, Retina Display, and 4G LTE.

Finally, the new iPad is out available for the public. The number on question that remains to answer if the new  iPad – equipped with Retina Display, faster duo-core processor, and 5 megapixel iSight camera – is really outshines its predecessor, iPad 2.

In this article, we’ll compare the iPad 2′s rear camera and it’s processor speed with that of the new iPad.

If you’ve looked into the specs of both devices, it’s easy for you figure out which generation of comes out on top.

Steven Chi, a video reviewer from Redmond Pie recently released a video in which he compares the new iPad with the iPad 2 over a range of apps. He says, ‘There’s really not big difference as the competition is concerned.’ Read More

Should You Wait for iPhone 5 or Get the New iPhone 4s?

March 15, 2012 |

iPhone 4s for sale from tomorrow. iPhone 5 to hit the market in fall.

Apple decided to launch its iPhone 4s which goes on sale from tomorrow. And the question is, should you go and get a new iPhone 4s or just wait for the iPhone 5, this fall?

As anticipated by many of us that Tim Cook would unveil the new iPhone 5.

However, that moment never materialize, and iPhone 4s was the new Apple phone. Although most of the people were fine with the announcement, others who were expecting the iPhone 5 with wider screen were furious. The Apple stock dropped 2%, and twitter blasted with angry tweets from angry Apple fans. Most of the forums demonstrated dissatisfaction over receiving an iPhone 4s instead of an iPhone 5. Read More

Magic MacBook Pro Concept with a slot for an iPad

February 23, 2012 |

Magic MacBook Pro Concept

MacBook Pro as any other laptop cabbage but the entire front – just where it found the trackpad – could be opened for a glimpse of a giant slot to plug his iPhone or iPad . There, in a few seconds, you can directly view your iOS yours alone on the screen of the machine and comfortable and meet your mails in peace and even indulge yourself in some dark pleasures while recharging your precious. No, frankly, it’s more class, and even then we could switch between Mac OS and IOS at our convenience. Read More

App store Employee Stole $16,000 Worth iPhones

February 22, 2012 |

 Employee Stole $16,000 Worth iPhones

Charlotte observer reported that 25 iPhones valued more than 16,000 have been stolen from the Northtake Mall App Store Retail in charlotte, North Carolina. Apparently, the smartphones disapeared one after another over time. Read More

Apple Unveils the OS X Mountain Lion

February 16, 2012 |

Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has just unveiled the latest version of the Mac operating system  OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion This update is also interesting for iPhone users: Apple adds namely a number of features that are in IOS, such as the Message Center, Game Center, Notes, and Reminders Airplay.Apple replaces iChat for Messages, a chat program that allows iPhone users to chat. Read More

Apple to disable Siri on non iPhone 4S devices

February 14, 2012 |

Apple to disable Siri

With each iOS update, Apple has made ​​a habit of  reinforcing security holes in its system to make it harder for hackers who develop jailbreak tools. That’s why it took them so long to design the new Absinthe tool for iPhone 4S and iPad 2.  Today, it appears that Apple is trying to block the port of Siri on devices of the mark on which it is intended. Read More

Apple requires high-res screenshots for App Store

February 11, 2012 |

Apple Requires High-res Screenshots

Apple has indicated that the company now explicitly screenshots in high resolution for demanding applications that the company gets submitted to the App Store. A significant number of applications support at the moment have not the Retina display which was introduced with the iPhone 4.

Apple today sent an email to all its connected developers in which they report a new requirement that must be met. Apple claims its immediate developers that they screenshots of high quality of their applications most hours. Failure to do so the application will not be approved and will not appear in the App Store. Previously, the most hours of high-resolution screenshots are optional. Read More