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Control Chromecast gestures via Kinect -

Chromecast is enjoying great success among users and developers. In recent weeks, we have seen how  Koushik Dutta  is strongly committed to the continuous development of applications and modifications to take advantage of the pen Google. Today we announce a new application is not made ​​from the usual Dutta , but  Leon Nicholls , another developer who seems to like it very Chromecast.

chromecast retail 1 1024x576 Control Chromecast gestures via Kinect

An application was designed through which you can control the operation of the pen using the Kinect at Microsoft. And ‘possible to play / stop the video and move the location of the video on the TV using just gestures.The Kinect is connected to the PC running the software in question, which receives data from the sensor and sends them to Chromecast, where the application is installed that does the rest of the work. Too bad that by the time the developers can not share their work so that they can personally try, because of the SDK license . Pending therefore, we leave you with a video that shows the operation of the application.