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Dell Announces Precision M4800 and M6800 laptops -

Dell introduces two new laptops, the Precision M4800 and M6800. Both laptops include PCI-E SSD’s and the M4800 has an option for an IGZO screen with high resolution. The laptops are from September 12 in the store.

 Dell Announces Precision M4800 and M6800 laptops

The new PCI-E SSD in Dell computers will be used , the Micron P320h. This PCI-e SSD 2.5-inch has a self-developed by Micron custom controller that supports 32 channels and can handle native PCI-E. The P320 includes ONFI 2.1 singe level cell NAND flash memory and delivers sequential read-write performance of 3.2 / 1.9 GB / s and random read-writes of 785K/205Kiops. This is considerably faster than SATA SSDs, which often remain stabbing at 500MB / s. At a subsequent read

In addition to the new PCI-E SSDs that Dell will use, announces the computer manufacturer also an extension of workstations with IGZO screens on. IGZO screens make higher resolutions possible because the material conducts electricity better than silicon, which in conventional TFT screens used. As a result, the transistors can be made ​​smaller, so that more pixels fit in the same screen size.

Dell announces two new laptops that the options will use part: the M4800 and M6800 Precision. The M4800 gets an IGZO screen of 15.6 inches, with a resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels. That’s 235 pixels per inch, 15 pixels more than the Retina MacBook Pro from Apple. This laptop can be configured with a PCI-E SSD. In addition, you can choose between an AMD FirePro M5100, Nvidia Quadro K1100M and a Nvidia Quadro K2100M. The price of the M4800 is $1248.

The M6800 has to do with a 1080p LCD screen of 17.3 inches, but can be expanded with multitouch support for Wacom. This laptop has the advantage that there are four drives in the can, as opposed to the M4800, which it must do. With two connections The Precision M6800 is a Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro M6100 K3100M, K4100M or K5100M  be equipped with the K5100M offers up to 8GB of graphics memory.The M6800 will cost $ 1600.

Both systems can be configured with Haswell Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 32GB RAM and Windows 7, Windows 8, Red Hat or Ubuntu. There is also standard Waves Maxx Audio Pro present but support for Wigi optional. This laptop also has an IGZO screen and is specifically aimed at graphic designers.