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Display Recorder will return in iOS 7 [screenshot] -

Published during the developers WWDC 2013 presentation, a screenshot confirms the fact that the operating system iOS 7 will brand the Apple Recorder. The first beta version of the new iOS seventh, iPhone owners have found this program on their devices.

 ios 7 voicememo Display Recorder will return in iOS 7 [screenshot]

In the accompanying documentation to iOS 7 beta 1 means the following:

“Voice Recorder – known issues:

VoiceMemos application is not available in this build. “

Tellingly, the recorder does not currently have, not only in the test with iOS 7 available to officially registered developers, but in all the promotional materials of Apple, including at the company’s web page devoted to the new platform.

However, rumors that the Cupertino declined from application development to create voice memos, have not been confirmed. Return of the program is expected in the next test builds of the new operating system. Probably, and it comes to the final version of the firmware that will be released to all users of the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 was announced on the first day of the WWDC 2013 on June 10. It features minimal interface, an updated notification center, a new control point, and a “smart” multi-tasking, which tracks the user’s habits and loads into memory applications that are used most frequently. Also in iOS 7 introduced a feature AirDrop, lets two devices to quickly transfer files via Wi-Fi.

In addition, 7 were updated iOS app FaceTime, Photos, expanded the functionality of the voice assistant Siri. Another recent development is the emergence of streaming iTunes Radio. Install iOS 7 will be on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and older models, as well as on the iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch this fall.