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Instagram takes Luma on video editing -

Instagram, the company acquired Luma, a startup that mainly deals with video editing software.The technology and the employees of Luma go to Instagram to work, probably because of similar services to work.

instagram Instagram takes Luma on video editingThe news was by Luma himself announced on his website. The company states that it is part of Instagram and therefore it will discontinue its service. The iOS app that the company had issued has been removed from the App Store. Users videos were uploaded to the service, these still download up to 31 December this year. It is unclear how many Instagram, which in turn is owned by Facebook, has paid for Luma.

Although nothing is disclosed about the exact reason for the acquisition is likely that Instagram wants to improve. Their own possibilities with regard to video editing with the technology and the development of Luma In addition to the editing software likely to become part of Instagrams own existing video service.