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iPad Air vs. iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad 1: test performance [video] -

Apple is often accused that she could think of itself is nothing new , and used other people’s achievements , combining them in unusual ways . And it’s absolutely true : all the components of the ” apple” of the technology, with the exception of the software available to its competitors . Displays, integrated circuits , memory, drives, etc. But it was Apple can best determine how it should look to build devices that it will do to develop a stuffing from a relatively standard parts and ensure quality control during assembly.

Apple iPad all 1 iPad Air vs. iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad 1: test performance [video]

iPad Air, which knows anyone who goes online in the last week , in fact, is the fifth generation of tablets Apple. The first iPad debuted in 2010. He had a single-core A4 processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. The second generation iPad will have a more powerful A5 chip at the same clock frequency. iPad 3 with Retina display could boast of an improved modification of the CPU iPhone 4s – A5X. The ” Quartet ” by analogy with the predecessor of the chip A6X. This year, Apple has moved away from tradition and put on a new iPad Air same processor A7, that the flagship phone iPhone 5s. However , experts say this does not mean that the tablet is less productive than it could be.

The new ” EIR ” has already been tested on the graphics and computing performance , and showed impressive results in bechmarkah . Today, enthusiasts decided to compare the device with other full-size models of Apple tablets in the practical test . In the experiment, Mashable attended all five generations : iPad 1 , iPad 2 , The New iPad, iPad with Retina display and iPad Air.

As you can see in the video , iPad in the fifth generation is not only the most compact and lightweight, but the fastest 9.7- inch tablet Apple.