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New iPad Vs Other Tablets : What the Specs Say? -

In the past few months, scores of new tablets have come, and we know what the specs tell about the new Apple iPad, it’s time to get other vendors back to work, and device a plan B in order to compete.

The graph makes it clear that the new Apple iPad’s high display resolution.

Its dual-core cortext A9-based architecture has advantage over its other 10 inch tablet competitors. However, the new Apple iPad is slightly bigger and heavy as compared to its competitors, giving other Android tablets an opportunity to seize a competitive edge in that area.

Apple’s High Resolution Advantages

Only two models, the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity and the Acer Iconia Tab 700, offered a high-definition tablet displays, a 1920-by-1200 pixel, despite the talk at CES and Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Other tablet manufactures complain that the scaring component prices hold back their production of tablet displays which offer high resolutions.

Now that Apple has launched an even higher resolution displays, at the same price as last year’s model, and the tablets won’t arrive until late spring or early summer, it’s time for rival Android tablet makers to face an uphill battle for relevance.

New Apple iPad’s Price Advantage

Amazon and Samsung – two of the most prominent Android Tablet makers – haven’t show any displeasure on the launch of the high display tablet. Amazon may not decide to launch more expensive high definition display, as it’s clear they are more focused on price and content.

Likewise, at the Mobile World Congress last week, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 and updated Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), and didn’t reveal anything on it’s plan to launch high-resolution device.

On the price aspect, it’s clear that Apple can take advantage of large scale production. Other tablet makers are hard-pressed to face a challenge to gain a market share in pricing that starts at $499 for a 16GB model.

Various Android tablet makers have been struggling to offer competitive prices, let alone to undercut the iPad on price.

The new Apple iPad will have a head start of several months on it’s most similarly configured competitors. The pressure is now on Asus and Acer to deliver tablets at a lower price.

If these companies market their models at the same cost as the iPad but offer less specs, people will without reason buy an new Apple iPad.

Other vendors have to make sure that they maintain the competitive price without compromising on the specs that new Apple iPad 3 offer. Even though most of the users who prefer Android environment over iOS will favor Android anyway, these users seems to remain in the minority in what clearly seems Apple’s new Apple iPad crushing lead over Android.


ipad 3 hd unveiled 300x188 New iPad Vs Other Tablets : What the Specs Say?

New Apple iPad vs other tablets

Where Does Apple Falter?

The new Apple iPad – to accompany features such as 4G radio and Retina Display – has grown slightly thicker, at 0.37 inch than the iPad 2′s 0.34 inch, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 0.34 inch, and the Asus Transformer Price (0.33 inch).

The Toshiba Excite 10 LE, currently the slimmest tablet available, measures just 03. inch. However, the new Apple iPad has the same thickness as Samsung’s unreleased Galaxy Note 10.1, which measures 0.38 inch.

With it’s extra ounces for a one-handed use, it’s definitely not a welcome sign nor being competitive.

new Apple iPad’s weight, which has increased to 1.4 pounds, is a huge concern because heavier goes against the trend among Android models shedding their weight from their maximum 1.5 pounds or greater.

Toshiba’s weights the lightest with 1.18 pounds, followed by the current Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 weights 1.24 pounds. Asus Transformer Prime and the upcoming Galaxy Not 10.1 weighs 1.29 pounds, while iPad 2 weighs 1.33 pounds.

Now with the release of the new Apple iPad, having a very high resolution screen in your tablet has become a big deal taking into consideration of its many enhancements – text have become easier to read, images are sharper, HD 1080p video makes it seem sensible, and the games look more enjoyable.

New Apple iPad Vs Other Tablets