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New utility for Mac resets passwords on any iOS-devices with jailbreak -

Mad Alfheyli developer announced a new program designed for users of Apple. The utility is called byPass and written for the Mac. With it, you can reset the password lock on any iPhone and iPad, subjected to the jailbreak.

cellphone unlocking 2 New utility for Mac resets passwords on any iOS devices with jailbreak

Such a software tool to crack the iPhone and iPad released by “Elcomsoft”. Its software iOS Forensic Toolkit enables access to the decrypted image filesystem jailbroken smartphones and tablets Apple, decipher codes, passwords and other information, as well as bypass power-on password.

iOS Forensic Toolkit breaks the conventional four-digit pincode for 20-40 minutes on the iPhone 4, and 10 minutes for the iPhone 5. New utility byPass allows access to the mobile device in a minute – literally a click of a button.

“ByPass successfully passed the stage of beta testing. The program allows you to access the device, locked with a password. It is based on the framework MobileDevice, which iTunes uses to communicate with the iPhone and iPad. The principle of operation of this tool is simple: the utility does inject a dynamic library that is cheating device. As a result, the entrance to the desktop does not need a password, “- said Alfheyli.

It is said Mead, now he is thinking about whether to release him byPass. He is concerned about the aesthetic aspect of the issue: the culprit, using his program would be able to hack any device. The main condition – the presence on the iPhone or iPad jailbreak.