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Report: Pegatron violates widely Chinese law -

Pegatron violates scale Chinese laws and regulations according to a report by China Labor Watch. The report speaks of more than 80 offenses. Pegatron manufactures equipment and parts for many large companies such as Nokia, HP, Acer, Sony and Apple.

apple2 Report: Pegatron violates widely Chinese law

According to China Labor Watch the violations are divided into fifteen categories including excessively long working hours, poor living conditions and the use of minors. The average working week of 63 to 66 hours is far above the Chinese maximum of 49 hours and also revealed that workers are forced to fill. Less overtime on forms In addition, pregnant women had to work just as long as other workers, which they had to work 286 hours per month.

The conditions in the factories according to the report below par. As are used dangerous chemicals while workers have no knowledge of the risks to their own health. Employees living with twelve people in a small room and there are too few showers which some can only shower. Evening after midday

To investigate China Labor Watch went undercover in three factories of Pegatron and also interviewed the organization nearly 200 employees. According to China Labor Watch, the working and living conditions in the factories so bad that most workers do not want to work for long. Of the 110 new recruits would be thirty to lose weight in a period of two weeks.

Opposite the BBC explains original design manufacturer Pegatron that it takes very seriously the allegations: “We will fully investigate them and take immediate action if there is violation of Chinese law or its own code of conduct,” said CEO Jason Cheng. In addition, Apple announced that the conditions at Pegatron will investigate.