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Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging [Photos] -

The network has pictures of molten Samsung Galaxy S4. According to the user device purchased in the United Arab Emirates, the incident happened at night while charging your smartphone. The owner of the gadget, fortunately, was not injured. At 2 am the owner of a flagship Samsung phone was awakened by the noise and sharp sounds, the room was filled with smoke. Caught fire Galaxy S4. He managed to remove the unit from the wall outlet, but the smartphone burnt and melted microUSB port USB-cable.

k bigpic Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging [Photos]

    We recall a similar incident involving the Samsung Galaxy S III occurred in May. Then the phone connected to the charge, made a pyrotechnic show. In the words of the user, there are no objective reasons for the fire Galaxy S III does not remember. Communicator is a white flame suddenly caught fire and sparkle, there was even something like a small explosion. Despite the fact that the fire was extinguished, a blanket and a mattress on the bed burned the entire floor smelled acrid smoke. In addition, the temperature of the battery swollen, the phone is melted, and a drop of hot plastic burned the user’s finger. The victim smartphone owner has filed a lawsuit against Samsung with a demand for compensation for material and moral damages.

 boom c Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging [Photos]

The Samsung has already confirmed that the company is investigating the incident with the Galaxy S4 and agreed to provide the user with a new smartphone. And as compensation for the unfortunate owner of the gadget was additional cover.

  • greg

    these s4′s are junk mine just caught fire 2 nights ago luckily i was close by… when i took it in to my carrier they called samsung for a replacement and samsung didnt seem at all surprised by it so that tells me this happens all the time they need to do a safety recall before someones house burns down