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Secuty Experts try to crack iOS 7 -

In May of this year, a representative of the New York Police Department Eric Schneiderman called Apple and Google to help in the prevention of theft of mobile devices. He sent a letter to the office of companies, which complained that the producers are too concerned about the security of data, while the safety of the phone is under threat.

activation lock Secuty Experts try to crack iOS 7

Apple has responded to requests from U.S. law enforcement officers. Activation Lock feature in the new operating system iOS 7 allows you to completely block the stolen iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Up to this point, Apple was the service Find My iPhone, allows you to limit access to a smartphone, but it does have some limitations, moreover, such a lock not too hard to get around, for example, a simple flashing the device.

As reported by 9to5Mac, this week Eric Schneiderman and the District Attorney of San Francisco George Gason assembled a panel of experts that will conduct independent testing Activation Lock. In the test will also participate smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

“At the meeting in San Francisco technicians, including representatives of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC), the iPhone 5 will be issued with an activated anti-theft system« Activation Lock »smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S4 with the function« Lojack for Android ». During testing, the situation played out, the offender stole the smartphone and tries to bypass the blockage of these devices. “

According to Apple, Activation Lock function provides reliable data protection for smartphones and tablets running iOS 7. In the “seven” to disable Find My iPhone or mobile device can not be restored without knowing the Apple ID and password. Distribution of this system is intended to make the theft iDevaysov inappropriate.

The results of the experiment with breaking new safety technology iOS 7 will be released in the next few days.