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What features to expect with the new iOS 7 -

Apple will introduce the next version of iOS. The presentation will take place during the conference WWDC, which will be held from 10 to 14 June. Many are waiting for the annual event as a revolution in the seventh version of the mobile platform for the iPhone and iPad. This is due, in part, to the fact that this is the first operating system, developed under the direction of chief designer Jonathan Ive. We can not say for sure what changes await us in iOS 7, but we have compiled a list of 10 features that would like to see in the new OS.

10improvementsios What features to expect with the new iOS 7

Quick Settings

The store unofficial Cydia apps you can find lots of interesting tweaks used by the owners of jailbroken iPhone and iPad. One of these add-ons are fast setting to enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc. Apple could incorporate them into the Notification Center or iOS multitasking bar 7.

New Home Screen

Over the long history of iOS home screen, which we see after unlocking, has remained absolutely unchanged. Perhaps this is why Tim Cook requested the development of OS Quince. However, changing the interface, the main task is to preserve the simplicity and usability of the system. Some believe the best option with the addition of the desktop widgets iPhone and iPad, which is definitely not in the style of Apple. Instead, the company could look toward interactive apps icons.

The file system

iOS continues to fully paradigm paradigm desktop platform OS X, in which users must work with applications without worrying about the physical location of content. What is a document A? For the user, Android is a file that is stored on disk in the directory / abc. We are launching the file manager, find the file, and then choose the desired program. In the concept of Apple, users do not need to know about the file system, which causes some problems when you need to send or receive files. Of course, there are services like iCloud and Dropbox, but it is important to simplify the exchange of files between the devices and the application itself.

Sharing photos

The operating system iOS 6 Apple introduced a feature for sharing photos with friends and family. But only with them, and only when the option is used in iCloud. General photostreams need further development and improvement. The function should be more advanced and user-friendly for sharing.


In the fourth version of iOS on Apple mobile devices present multitasking. Just double click on the home button and the screen will display the bar of icons of running applications. However, this function waits for completion. Instead of icons Apple could, for example, to show thumbnails of your open programs directly. Besides, would not prevent viewing function held resources, and the ability to complete all tasks in one click.

Notification Center

Notification Center appeared with the fifth version of the iOS. Users rate this innovation, however, the function also brought some disadvantages associated with its use. For example, if you get a lot of SMS messages or mail, the CO will be inundated with a bunch of garbage information. Many people, even without reading the notice, simply click on the X to clear them from the screen. Apple needs to come up with something new, for example, to introduce in iOS 7, the automatic deletion of old notifications at a certain time.

Working with text

Another new iOS 7 could touch by text. The operating system for a long time there are features auto-correction and copy / paste. However, not very successfully implemented and delivered a lot of inconvenience. These features are also in need of improvement.


Thanks to AirDrop, a built-in operating system, OS X, users can easily share files via WiFi-network between the two computers. No need to wind up accounts, create new network, or connect to them. Just go to the file manager in the section AirDrop on two Macs and they will automatically find each other. Then will just transfer a document or file on the icon of the computer. Such a function on the iPhone and iPad would facilitate exchange of photos, videos, documents, etc.


Apple has some problems with alerts, signals and sound settings. In this aspect of the device, even ahead of other manufacturers ‘apple’ company. Addressing these issues, including the management of the sound settings for the applications and the system itself, we would also like to see at WWDC 2013.


Work on Siri is a very long time – the technology was originally created for the Pentagon in 2003. For the private use of the technology was used six years ago. As a paid application Siri has appeared three years ago. In 2011, Siri officially touted as a major “seem” of the new iPhone 4S. However, the personal assistant is still in beta testing. Why Apple has not finalized? Siri is definitely not prevent functions such as automatic reading of incoming messages and notifications, and the ability to control the settings of iPhone using your voice.