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What to expect at WWDC 2013 -

banner wall What to expect at WWDC 2013Apple opened the annual Worldwide Developer Conference with the traditional keynote. This year’s event is expected to feel more excitement than usual. Of course. There are big changes to if you believe the rumors. Promising change at the personal level and portentous statements that read fall in interviews Tim Cook, heat the interest in this year especially. Just before the keynote, we would like to take this opportunity to summarize it, what might be most likely on the agenda on Monday.

iOS 7

iPhone 5 iOS 7 WWDC 2013 What to expect at WWDC 2013

The next version of mobile operating system dominated the rumors surrounding the WWDC in recent weeks. It is hard to believe, but iOS 7 sales for a long time even the calls for the next major “revolution” in the hardware area. By Scott Forstalls sacking last year, the responsibility for the future of mobile software is now mainly on the shoulders of Craig Federighi and Jonathan Ive. The presence of the charismatic chief designer, it is probably also due to that, especially visual changes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS are expected to 7th And rightly so!

Various sources confirm, Ives influence will be visible everywhere in iOS 7. Even Tim Cook, who during his interview D11 also not afraid to let phrases like “it’s absolutely incredible” fall on this issue, probably indirectly confirmed these statements. After Forstall austobe and left his “style”, especially in the calendar, notes and Game Center app, no one would have minded if, Apple with iOS 7 focused on design changes. If you believe the rumors, all these problem apps have received a basic redesign.


The colors black and white and various grays to dominate iOS 7, so we tend to be quite safe. Any excess leather and fabric covers are soft, smooth, simple surfaces, seams and shadows clearly defined edges. Accents to be set by each app is dominated by a very determined color. Thus, some elements within the app note may be mainly yellow, while set in the Weather app to green.


Photos, recently flew through the web, speak for a redesign of the icons. Also, a more realistic point, especially when one considers the “Style”, in which the WWDC shows this year. It is relatively safe in the colorful, square box in the logo and banners to app icons. Could even be a hint …

A first impression of visual reorientation should give the WWDC App. This has undergone several changes in recent years. But just this year it is particularly striking. They exchanged shadow go clear edges and shimmering white against bright blue buttons. Even if there are only small variations, they show well but in some way.

But enough of the design, because despite everything, there should be no lack of new features. Unfortunately, the design features a little discussion about the steel the show, so there is little to report in this area. The already known from Mac AirDrop function is now also hold mobile feeder if we are to believe the reports. With AirDrop allows files between Macs on the wireless network exchange. Similarly, the function will land on iOS. First approaches in this area can already be seen in the iPhoto app, where photos can “beam” to other iOS devices. Due to the missing file system is AirDrop would probably be limited to iOS on media content and documents. Since its rival Samsung “S Beam” feature (two units are held each other and exchange data) often used against Apple, Apple might want to follow suit.


The integration of other social services is also relatively safe are on the agenda. Flickr and Vimeo to add Facebook and Twitter in the future. This can also be given the nod basically without much thinking because one of the major goals in Cupertino it’s to make themselves independent of Google and YouTube so. And even if Apple with its “Common Photo Streams” already shows approaches of photo sharing, another option to split (the statistics) certainly can not hurt.

But the really interesting rumors surround the camera application. Even though they probably “flat” is (to use that word but now times), they lagging behind in comparison to competitors. Without exception, every manufacturer admits his clippers to more functionality. BlackBerry just surprised with nice features. Both rudimentary and advanced settings are missing. Just the next big thing is yes, for example, the subsequent Choosing the right facial expression, which is possible in a row by shooting multiple images. Something is playful while the statement that photo filters are known to keep from apps like Instagram feed. Whether this is ultimately necessary then, Apple has to decide.

Otherwise, there is little evidence that suggest new features. Sure, you will make many small back area to offer the usual “more than 200 new features” can. Supposedly Apple screws on multitasking, which of course would be highly desirable, and develop new touch gestures. But if it is to be expected already in iOS 7 is poorly predict.

Relatively certain, however, is that developers are already going on Monday with a beta home. The release is expected back for fall. Despite reports of delays this date should be hold.

OS X 10.9
While iOS dominates the reports 7, OS X came in the last few weeks something in the background. This week only version 10.8 was probably their last update before the big new version ends up on Macs.

Here, say the rumor that power users will appreciate especially 10.9. While some can be expected under the hood, will design technical, as opposed to iOS do not much here. Even though the calendar, notes, contacts and Game Center application on the Mac are similarly problematic as on iOS, General one is not sure whether this update to the appearance of some apps will change. But it is well within the bounds of possibility, no question. Design standard while completely in the green zone, but rather less technically, messages could do with an overhaul. Although a lot has been improved with the update to 10.8.4, the iMessage application continues to pose the biggest problem

Great talking is definitely the page. This is, according to conjectures come along soon with tabs. Moreover, it would be quite appropriate, finally better integrate the iCloud in the file system. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, because Apple removed with the last version actually more the concept of the classical file system.

A topic that boils up again since the iPhone 4S, Siri is on the Mac. Even a few months ago it was learned that Apple is experimenting in this area. The first step is already done with the voice recorder. It would not be the first time that Siri later be succeeded (keyword iPad). That is inspired by Apple iOS again, is basically a relatively clear area in which the will eventually happen, does not.

In addition to the power users but also to the developer with the update are satisfied. Apple should have the tools for developers also considered, including Xcode.

wwdc 13 os x What to expect at WWDC 2013

Latest hangs in Moscone West since the banner, there is confusion about the nickname of 10.9. The banner shows a simple “X” in the background and a breaking wave. Simply that here at Google “pretty pictures” has entered, but is relatively unlikely. So the question remains to what extent the wave or the sea is related to the operating system. Is there a lion that lives in water? – “OS X 10.9 (Sea Lion)”? We probably have to wait.

Equally unclear is the date of publication. Mountain Lion was introduced in February 2012, and both Lion and Mountain Lion were released in July. That Apple can keep the July date, is doubtful. As Apple continued in recent months on extremely long beta phase, a summer release is basically ruled out. More likely is the autumn, where the publication can be possibly linked to new hardware.

Services and iCloud
Although primarily iOS is at the center of rumors that Apple is set at WWDC, not a part of the time on the services and its iCloud because we are safe. A whole range of services such as iMessage, Maps, Siri, Game Center, and so on pose untapped potential. In addition, new services are possible – the iRadio is likely.


But first, we focus for a moment on an existing. For example, iMessage could be a hot topic at WWDC. Tim Cook himself showed in his interview D11 several times interest for the service. Phrases like “I thin iMessage is an interesting service” fell more than once. In addition to the improvements that are needed to iMessage has (Mac application and server stability), one could imagine some interesting features that could integrate Apple. Google Hangouts with his laid a few weeks ago at the Google I / O very well before, now it is back to catch up with Apple. A large deficit is found for example in group conversations. They are possible, but quite uncomfortable. Once they are created, for example, can neither add nor remove people. And that’s just one example.

Maps has been since its release last year clearly better. The map was so good it’s expanded and errors were removed. Again, Cook noted in his interview on “It’s greatly improved [...] but not there yet, we have more to do”. One of these tasks would be, for example, the extension to other platforms. Google will soon be new maps and it once again in the lead. One way to access via the web on Apple Maps, would be a start.

Siri will certainly have a look. A handful of new features is mounted on Monday at least, for here to get Google to quickly. What is Siri with iOS 7 ultimate can, let’s leave open. But it should nevertheless be noted that the hidden language assistant already for almost two years behind the “beta” tag. That is much untapped potential here, hardly needs to be said.

Whether actually change something in Game Center is (apart from design), we can not say with certainty. The only certainty is that it is possible to get much more out of the service. Several million users cavort in this network, but the functionality leaves much to be desired. Since the Google I / O Android Games also be interesting again. Functions as a text and voice chat or advanced user profiles iOS would make it more interesting still a trace for gamers.

But we eventually come to the exciting topic: the iRadio. A whole range of rumors confirmed the planning of such a service. For Apple, it’s time to enter the streaming market. ITunes is of course still unchallenged, but to be successful in the long term, must do something to counter Apple’s competitors such as Spotify or Pandora. According to the assumptions, the iRadio service called Pandora is rather based on the concept, so the user does not provide online music library, but a customized radio service. By Genius Apple has already collected over the past years experience when it comes to recognize the musical tastes.

After lengthy negotiations with the labels of the service seems now to be shown at WWDC for the first time. Moreover, confusion about the funding. Multiple sources confirm that the iAd team was involved in the development of the iRadio. Is that the services funded by advertising, that is quite likely. As a project funded exclusively through advertising but would not fit with Apple, it will probably be a premium option without advertising. Another question is how and where the service is integrated. In iOS it will show up in any case, but whether as a standalone application or in the music App is unclear. An integration to iTunes on Mac and PC is probable. The date of publication is unclear. An immediate start is basically excluded from almost all sources.

Although the focus of the event will probably be on software and services, we can also hope for new hardware – Macs to be more specific.

All Signs Points to Next Gen Mac Pro at WWDC 2013 What to expect at WWDC 2013

The big question is probably whether we will finally see you on Monday a new Mac Pro. Once the most powerful Mac in the range is to have for months no longer in Germany, it is probably high time to bring the new model to the market. In addition to the dwindling stocks also indicated Tim Cook’s promise from last year to the fact that in 2013 we will see a new Mac Pro. The WWDC eigenet both the date and the audience here for such a wonderful idea.

But mobile Macs are an issue. It is generally assumed that an updated MacBook Air, since there was already several indications in recent days. When designing any great changes are probably to be expected, but on the inside. New battery-efficient and more powerful processors from Intel will be very likely to find in the new Airs. Also a support for the 802.11ac standard is possible, as 9to5Mac notes.

Somewhat unlikely, but not excluded, new MacBook Pros. Apple might want to equip the Pros with the new processors. Furthermore, the MacBook Pro with Retina display to be thinner, according to analysts’ statements. But basically no update has the pro series needed.

Who has held up to this point, was now supposed to be well informed about all the possibilities. Its like Dared also your guesses in the comments attached. Finally, we would also like to point out once again to our live coverage of the month.