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Windows 8 for the first time surpassed Apple OS X Market share -

According to research analysts Net Applications, Windows 8 operating system in August 2013 for the first time surpassed the market share of the operating system OS X. The share of Windows 8 was 7.41 % , while the combined share of all versions of OS X – 7,28%.

End of August OS Percentage Windows 8 for the first time surpassed Apple OS X Market share

August was the most successful month for the ” G ” since its launch in October 2012 : the share of the system increased by 2 %. It is possible that this is due to lower prices for tablets Surface or RTM- release version of Windows 8.1, “leaked” to the Internet soon after the release.

Of the other ” of operating systems ” of Windows growth in August showed Windows 7 – from 44.49 % to 45.63 %. The share of Vista and Windows XP, appeared in 2001 and 2007 respectively , continued to decline. In the case of XP decline was particularly significant: from July to August, the share of the OS on the market decreased from 37.19 % to 33.65 %.

Net Applications include Windows 8, which can run on both the PC and on the tablets, only to ” computer » (desktop) operating systems. In the category of mobile systems, the first place is iOS, runs on the iPhone and iPad, – it accounts for 54.91 %.

Other service statistics , StatCounter, also points to the fact that Windows 8 in the last month of summer ahead of OS X. As of early September , the share of ” OSes”  Microsoft is 7.86 % , while the share of OS X – 7,19%. Net Applications and StatCounter use different methods to assess the OS distribution .

Despite the fact that Windows 8 could win OS X, breaking away from a much more successful product , Windows 7, is frightening. Last 10 months after its release in October 2009, has increased its stake to 17.3%. This is more than twice the results of the ” eight”.